SOVIET-POLISH RELATIONS, 1917-1921 (Russian Research Center Studies, 59)

SOVIET-POLISH RELATIONS, 1917-1921 (Russian Research Center Studies, 59)
PublishingDate: 1969
Publisher: Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press
Condition: Very Good
Binding: Hard Cover
Dust Jacket: Very Good
Edition: 1st edition
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Cambridge, MA:Harvard University Press. 1969. (xiv)+403pp. Illustrated with 4 maps. Hardcover with dust jacket.  Dust jacket with light soiling, otherwise a very good, clean copy, inside and out. *"Professor Wandycz has written the first monograph in the English language on the turbulent diplomatic and military relations between Poland and Soviet Russia during the critical years 1917-1921. Soviet Russia, ruled in 1917 by the newly triumphant Bolsheviks, faced Poland, a nation that had just recovered independence after more than a century of oppression. The Bolsheviks feared their revolution would fail if confined to Russia alone; Poland lay directly in their path to the West and international conquest...."

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